Aquila in the Woods

A bell and sign hang from a tree near Honeystrand Cave, reading; “Apothecary and Medical Assistance Inside: Ring before Entering".

A young Imperial woman lives within, selling goods and offering healing to all in need.

Specializes in health beneficiaries, but offers skill enhancers as well as various soaps, oils, fragrances, teas and more.

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A Cry for Help - Open RP

Aquila walked down the cobblestone road at a leisurely pace, enjoying the crisp air. She carried a large crate strapped to her back, containing various potions and salves.

She had been on a trek from Riften to Windhelm to assist anyone in need of medical attention. She did this now and then when her cave grew too full for practical use. Besides, as a healer of the people, she must be available to the people - not just those in the Rift.

She had already passed through Riften and a few farms. She was already on her second crate and feared not having enough - Windhelm tended to have many ill citizens in its cold climate. 

As she walked on, she thought she heard a cry from the woods beyond the road. She stood for a moment, quietly listening for it again. Just as she was about to continue she heard it again. Someone needed help.

She leapt over the stone wall bordering the road and followed the cry, hoping to find whoever it was before a wolf or a bear did. She thought she had lost the trail when she found the source within a mass of snowberry bushes. 

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