Aquila in the Woods

A bell and sign hang from a tree near Honeystrand Cave, reading; “Apothecary and Medical Assistance Inside: Ring before Entering".

A young Imperial woman lives within, selling goods and offering healing to all in need.

Specializes in health beneficiaries, but offers skill enhancers as well as various soaps, oils, fragrances, teas and more.

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Unseasonably Warm - Open RP

A warm sun bathed the Rift, beckoning Aquila into the golden forests to gather ingredients and enjoy the day.

She was an interesting sight to behold while in her element: stooped over and crouching, sometimes knuckle-walking in the same position to easily gather plant-life into the large basket strapped to her back. Her strange movements resembled a troll and her appearance didn’t help lessen the unusual look: a wild mess of brown hair and rabbit furs, hiding anything human-looking in her current squatted position. 

She felt safe and comfortable alone in the woods. She was free from the eyes of others, free to stretch and swing her arms. She became happily lost in her work and began softly singing to herself.

As she shuffled along the ground, picking flowers and digging up roots with her fingers, the sudden noise of a twig snapping caused her to jump.

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